Yfb2 Series Low Voltage Dust Explosion Proof Three Phase Asynchronous Motors

Yfb2 Series Low Voltage Dust Explosion Proof Three Phase Asynchronous Motors

YFB2 sequence dust explosion proof three section asynchronous motors are made, tested, and created utilized in setting with comnustible dust, segment 1: CZPT demands for electrical equipmemt, part 1: electrical gear with enclosure and surface area temperature limit defense. This collection motors are fully enclosed, enthusiast ventilated, and squirrel cage items. They are of exceptional features, this sort of as novel style, compact struction, eye-catching appearance, high effectiveness and torque, exceptional beginning overall performance, power preserving, reduced noise and vibration, and risk-free and reliable procedure. 

Insulation quality: F or H in general. Other than for highest temperature increase, the specialized parameters of the two gardes are very same. The insulation quality of YBF collection motors is F. When the motors work at an altitude much less than one thousand m and the highest ambient temperature is less than forty C. The greatest temperature rise of stator windings shall be 80K, which 2 pole and 4 pole motors with frame measurement of 315L and the motors with body measurement 355 ought to be examined by having the value as 105K. Allowable bearing temperature: not far more than 95 C. Safety class of enclosure:IP65. Cooling approach: IC411. 

Local weather protection kinds and setting marks:
one) TH-for surroundings in humid tropics
two) W-for outdoor and marginally corrosive atmosphere
three) WF1- for out of doors and reasonably corrosive surroundings
four) WF2- for outside and hugely corrosive surroundings
five) F1-for indoor and reasonably corrosive setting
6) F2-for indoor and very corrosive environment

Connection mode: Y relationship for the output rating of 3KW and underneath, Delta connection for the other output ratings

Cable entry: rubber sheath and metal fiber for selection

Responsibility:ongoing S1(operating underneath a constant load to achieve the regular thermal point out)

Auxiliary requirements: the motors with the heart top of H315~355 are provided with the oil-filling and draining device.

CZPTal equipment utilized in environments with comnustible dust, portion 1: CZPTal Equipment with enclosure and surface area temperature restrict security.

Work problems:

Rated voltage: 380/660V 660/1140V
Body dimension: H eighty~355mm
Output electrical power: .75~315KW
Poles: two/4/six/eight/10
Safety class: IP65
Insulation course/ Temperature rise: F/B H/B
Altitude: not exceed one thousand (m)
Rated frequency: fifty(HZ)
Responsibility: steady(S1)
Ambient temperature: -15C ~ +40C
Ex-Mark: “EXDI” or “EXDIIBT4” “EXDIICT4”

The over is the default parameters, if you have any other special requirements, you can speak to us for customization. 

Yfb2 Series Low Voltage Dust Explosion Proof Three Phase Asynchronous Motors