E-Scooter Ladies Electric Motor Motorcycle Electric Motor Bike Digital Display

E-Scooter Ladies Electric Motor Motorcycle Electric Motor Bike Digital Display

Ladies Motor Scooter 2016 New Type Motor Powe 800W Max 2000W CZPT Scooter 60v20ah F Disc brake  in Chiina China Manufacture 
Model No.: OPG-EM066


Motor Power: 650W
(CZPT 500W~1500W DC brushless motor)
Battery : 48V20AH / 60V20AH SLA
Max pace:forty five km/h
Range length per charge :55~65 km
Weight (CZPT battery): 78 kg
Tyre Dimensions: three.two-ten tubeless
Loading: 87 units /40HQ

Offering factors: 1)one e-scooter two model-equally 48v20ah and 60v20ah
2) F/R CZPT shock absorber
3) BOSCH motor
4) Liquid crystal display Meter


Guidelines for battery making use of as follows:

1: Shall we charge the batteries as shortly as getting new e-scooters?

Indeed, it need to be. Pls check out the battery creation day, it should be about 2 months or more time time from the date the battery produced to the day you obtain the goods. So when you obtain the items, you or your sellers should cost the batteries in time for about ten hours till it’s completely charged for the very first time.

two. How to keep it if we never travel the e-scooter for a extended time?

The e-scooter have to be fully billed, and the air change need to be turned off, aside from, the e-scooters must be recharged every 1~2 months.

3. What will be happened when utilizing the e-scooters in Winter season?

You will discover that the rang for every charge in wintertime season is shorter than that of other time. It is standard phenomenon. So, when making use of the e-scooter in winter season, pls don’t preserve the e-scooter in the open air overnight and don’t charge the e-scooter in quite low temperature.

four) What ought to be observed when utilizing the e-scooter in summer time season?

Pls do not keep the e-scooter underneath the robust sunlight, and do not demand the e-scooter under large temperature.

Do not cost the e-scooter right away right after driving it under high temperature, and never demand it way too prolonged time (Generally about 8 hours)

5) Can we go on driving the e-scooter when the battery energy is minimal?

No, it will be harmful to battery life time, you have to demand the battery in time.

six) Is it damaging to battery if it is over billed?

The batteries can be swollen and the battery lifetime will appear to en finish in advance If maintaining utilizing bad top quality or unmatched charger or charging the battery also prolonged time.

7) When is the best time to recharge the battery?

When it shows to or shut to the “L” (low)location on the display, It will be the greatest time to recharge the battery.

8) Is it feasible to modify only one or two pcs of the battery for replacement?

In a e-scooter, it must be a entire set of battery ( four or 5 or six pcs together), if one particular or two pcs crack down, the total set of batteries need to be replaced together, but not only altering one computer.

nine) Can be the charger retaining with the e-scooter?

Not suggested. The e-scooter will be shake on rough highway, if with cost in it, the demand will be shake as effectively, then the factors in the charger will be drifting, it will affect the charging performance even make the battery damaged ( undercharge or swollen) .

OPAI Tech., recognized in 2003, is a massive-scaled professional and modern day producing enterprise specialised in electric powered cars with manufacturer “OPAI” in China.With headquarters in HangCZPT and 4 department generation bases in ZheJiang , HangCZPT ZheJiang , HangCZPT ZHangCZPTg and HangCZPT ZheJiang , OPAI Tech. covers an region of a lot more than a hundred and fifty,000 square meters and with much more than 1,five hundred staff. The yearly generation capacity is 1,5 million units of 2-wheel e-motorcycle /e-scooter / e-bicycle and .two million units of e-tricycles/specific e-vehicles. With about 1500 product sales outlets covering thirty provinces and cities in domestic market place, OPAI is also making active exploration on the oversea marketplace.

E-Scooter Ladies Electric Motor Motorcycle Electric Motor Bike Digital Display