RS-360 365 12V Core Permanent Magnet Brush DC Mico Motor

RS-360 365 12V Core Permanent Magnet Brush DC Mico Motor

Brushless dc motor and brushless motor has big difference, actually really easy, has a brush 12V Dc Motor geared up with commonly utilized brush and commutator. Have a commutation of brushless dc motor has been through the graphite (the two carbon block is also referred to as the carbon brush) or cherished metallic brushes and mounted on the rotor commutator ring to make get in touch with, the motor working, the lengthier the for a longer time brush friction thinning of the brush will sooner or later rupture, the motor run out of daily life, and the commutator also hair black, need to have to change the motor.
While by hall sensor brushless motor rotor situation suggestions manage circuit, again to know the actual time of the motor section commutation. Most of the brushless motor producers production positioning with three hall result sensors. Simply because of brushless motor CZPT brush, so also does not have pertinent interface, consequently a lot more cleanse, much less noise, no abrasion, use and tear is small, in truth, no servicing, lengthier daily life. But at the same time the cost of the brushless motor is ten times the dimensions of Dc Motor 12V, frequent micro brushless motor price require to more than thirty yuan, and regular miniature have 12 Volt Dc Motor price tag is roughly in 3 yuan of earlier mentioned.When compared with brush motor has better efficiency and broader software market.


RF360 DC Motor With a carbon brush, brush dc motor metallic brush, commutator graphic:


RS-360/365 12v Core everlasting magnet brush dc mico motor Merchandise Description:

Parameters in a particular variety can be CZPT in accordance to customer’s demand

RF360 DC motor Voltage selection: 1.five~twelve V    (eg:1.5V 3V four.5V 6V 12v)

12v dc motor Speed range: 5000~25000 RPM

electric powered screwdriver motor All round proportions:27.7 x 32.6mm


The subsequent is one particular of the parameters:

Our engineering office can supply special designs for distinct shaft duration .

motor internal composition:

Business manufacturing workshop:

We will examination every single motor, to ensure that customers receive qualified motor. Mechanization of creation to understand total-automated, more improve the creation effectiveness and stable product good quality.

We have twenty several years of knowledge in design and style research and improvement,Items in stringent accordance with the standard creation in Japan, “the high quality first, buyer supreme” is our management plan.

As extended as you set CZPT need, we can advise ideal motor items for you, welcome to consult!

RS-360 365 12V Core Permanent Magnet Brush DC Mico Motor